Take it outside the bedroom, it’s Pillow Fight Day

YES!   Finally you can take it outside the bedroom!

This Saturday April 3rd is the 5th annual Pillow Fight Day organized by the Urban Playground Movement, encouraging groups all over the world to celebrate a free, fun, all ages and non-commercial public event.

“One of our goals is to make these unique happenings in public space become a significant part of popular culture, partially replacing passive, non-social, branded consumption experiences like watching television, and consciously rejecting the blight on our cities caused by the endless creep of advertising into public space. The result, we hope, will be a global community of participants, not consumers, in a world where people are constantly organizing and attending these happenings in every major city in the world.”

This project, Pillow Fight Day 2010, is a collaboration of many people who comprise a loose, decentralized network of urban playground event organizers all over the world.

Last year, events were organized in 109 cities but it seems that the list is getting even longer this year.  From Accra, Ghana to Zurich, Switzerland, you should be able to find on the website a city where you can join the fun.

Last year in New York, the event was held in front of the Stock Exchange and  Century 21 sold out of pillows to the amazement of their employees who didn’t understand the massive purchase ! So make sure you are prepared and we’ll see you at 3 pm at Union square!

Shine no matter what!

It’s raining pouring yet again and I am sick: with the voice of a 2 pack a day smoker, runny nose and high fever.  Sounds like She should be having a day off! But I hear you scream: what? no glamour today?

Rest assured, thanks to my recent readings, the Superheroine mood kicks in! So just as I was wondering how one can shine when one is under the weather and can’t rely on one’s wit… Jennifer Love Hewitt gave me the long-awaited answer: just add a little sparkle down there!

On a recent interview by George Lopez, she is raving about her recent Vajazzling. Aka a Swarowski Crystal temporary skin tattoo above your bikini line, claiming that “It now shines like a disco ball.”

You might prefer the term “Bare with a Flair”, used by Cindy Barshop, owner of the Completely Bare Spa that offers this little tattoo after you have waxed your bikini area. Are you wondering if this “is this too bling” and more suitable to Kimora Lee Simons, well perhaps.

However I highly suggest it if you answer yes to just one of the 3 following questions:

- Do you need to add some sparkle in your life?
- Does your partner loves a surprise and has a good sense of humor?
- Is it still raining in your neighborhood?

So run and get yourself vajazzled before fashion swings around. Indeed, I recently  heard that “bush is back” and that wasn’t in a political context so when I opened Issue 3 of the LOVE magazine, where the superstar models of the world bare it all, I have to confirm that it seemed to be the new direction.

Then I remembered Courbet’s masterpiece: L’Origine du Monde. This 1866 painting is so realistic, showing pure graphic eroticism, that it still remains shocking today. Maybe if the model had been vajazzled it wouldn’t have been such a big story!

Look better Naked

Spring is here! And with it the need to hit the gym to hopefully-maybe-perhaps fit into last year’s white jeans. So much more rewarding than getting a new pair a size above. But most gyms are dreadful: trying to pull you into a guilt trip and making you feel like a criminal for not hitting the treadmill at 6am.

Like a the Fairy Godmother, David Barton revamp the story with his magic wand adding much needed glamor and humor.  So out with the black leggings and Nike white spandex tops, it’s time to spice up your routine. Just imagine yourself walking the Red Carpet, a good DJ by your side and finally having fun! Now that should get you motivated!

Are you still hibernating ? Do you need further incentive ?
Show me Yours… I’ll show you mine.
.. Get a free pass for a week when you flash your current gym membership!

Simply Irresistible!!!

The Gentlewoman: does she even need a man?

Can someone living in London get their hands for me on the first issue of Gentlewoman?

It is a new biannual magazine that has an ambitious goal: “Featuring inspirational, international women, it pairs ambitious journalism with a sartorial and intelligent perspective on fashion that is focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress.”

So far, I have only been able to see some very Vogue circa 50 black & white images with the cover featuring the fabulous Phoebe Philo.  I must say that the esthetic is trying hard to be oh-so-fashionable and definitely retro inspired (did I miss these dangerously pointy boobs in magazine or on the runway? can you even get a date with those?).

Anyway, it reminds me and perhaps was heavily inspired by Flair Magazine of the late and fabulous Fleur Cowles . However I have yet to read an article with hopefully some substance and inspiration matching this level of style.

The founders Gert Jonkers & Jop van Bennekom are famous for their iconic Butt magazine for and about homosexuals and the stylish Fantstic Man and have been so successful with them, some say they are saviors of the magazine industry.

When is CosmoBoy or Men’s Home Journal launching their first issues?

Au Revoir Liz & Furious Love



Au revoir Elizabeth! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

The couple made love “like bunnies,” Taylor said. “Imagine having Richard Burton’s voice in your ear while you are making love. It drowned out the troubles, the sorrows, everything just melted away.”

Burton was similarly smitten. “She is a wildly exciting love-mistress, she is shy and witty, she is nobody’s fool, she is a brilliant actress, she is beautiful beyond the dreams of pornography,” he wrote in his diary. “And I’ll love her till I die.”

I am reading extracts in the NY Post of Furious Love by Sam Kashner and Nancy Shoenberger who managed to assemble a never-before-seen collection of 40 impassioned love letters from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor.

The twice married, twice-divoced couple was legendary for fighting a lot, loving a lot and then fighting even more. Their relationship was fascinating, steamy, in essence: furious. Just reading these letters inspires to live life more passionately, more madly, more fully.

A stark contrast to the NY Times article discussing Al & Tipper breaking up after 40 years. Of course, Tara Poker-Pope pins it down by saying that “the sharpest reminders that the only two people who know what’s going on in a marriage are the two people who are in it.” And wisely adding : “The truth is that most marriages, even our own, are something of a mystery to outsiders.”

But then the article falls into this whole blah-blah-blah about scientific research on the things to do to revive marriages and how to stay out of the 40% of divorce rate or is out of the  60% ~I can’t remember.

Anyway in short :”couples who regularly do new and different things together are happier than those who repeat the same old habits. The theory is that new experiences activate the dopamine system and mimic the brain chemistry of early romantic love.”

The conclusion is that even tough Taylor and Burton , whose love story was called the Marriage of the Century, fought constantly and drank too much, they knew oh-too-well how to mantain rocket high DOPAMINE levels.

Which means that if Al & Tipper want a shot at the title ~ which they can claim with a 40 year marriage~ they should start indulging in an extra cocktail here and there and breaking a few plates.

Only then will we have a chance at seeing them in Season 2!

What’s for dinner tonight honey?

Attention! The art of bondage is getting is entering the culinary world.

Thanks to this lovely kitchen towel, I am quite positive that you will never look at a bowl of spaghetti the same way and might even predict that some of you will forgo the practicality of your dishwasher to start drying the dishes the traditional way: by hand. If an explanation is needed do not hesitate to pull the green excuse: you are saving water and energy!

I found this sexy dish towel while walking in Nolita yesterday in a store called Coco de Mer.  Their philosophy summarizes very well the feeling you get when you enter the store: “The Coco de Mer is nature’s warm witty take on human prudishness, designed for the sole purpose of making us blush.”

I certainly blushed and confess taking a few long minutes before walking towards the back of the store. I left with the most prudish item I could possibly purchase. But I am already plotting an excuse to return and get my hands on a very sensual perfume I tried as I was walking out. By then, my senses were slightly overwhelmed and I can’t remember the name of it, even if my life depended on it. You now understand that I must return.

By the way, please do not spend frantically searching for this item on their website… it’s is only available in their stores. It is well worth the voyage!

Girl Comics: Heroine galore

Aha moment! Heroines are back and soon you won’t be able to put them down!

Marvel is launching on April 2nd a great serie: Girl Comics. Entirely written and illustrated by women with visionaries stories  that will give you a whole new perspective on finding your inner Superheroine.

So meet Venus, the blond goddess of love, reimagined by Brooklynite Stephanie Buscema.  She is a Roman goddess of love bored with male supremacy who decides to reconquer her own superpowers.

Then you’ll get to know the prudish good girl, Plain Mary, the sexually aggressive Typhoid Mary and the deranged feminist, Bloody Mary with  Mary Walker who holds these three intense personalities together with a mission to solve mysteries.

They are all feminine & smart. Some are sweet and some walk on the wild side. You will most likely fall in love with several of them and perhaps get a chance to reconcile with the Female badass!

The Urban Dictionary definition of badass : “The badass carves his own path. He wears, drives, drinks, watches, and listens to what he chooses, when he chooses, where he chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns. Badass style is understated but instantly recognizable. Like a chopped Harley or a good pair of sunglasses: simple, direct, and functional. Awesome to an extreme level, thereby leveraging unquestionable authority.”

The Daily Beast’s Women of the World

I don’t like to drop names, but if you can gather over 2 days the following list of women then EVERYTHING is Possible!

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan; former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright; Thomas L. Friedman; Katie Couric; Meryl Streep; Prajwala founder and anti-trafficking activist Sunitha KrishNan; Chouchou Namegabe, the Congolese anti-rape activist and journalist; Kakenya Ntaiya, the founder of girls’ schools in Kenya; Afghan women’s activist Suraya Pakzad; Barbara Walters; Christiane Amanpour; French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde; former British first lady and human-rights lawyer Cherie Blair; Ann Livermore, HP’s executive vice president of enterprise business; former foreign affairs minister of Somaliland and maternal and child health activist Edna Adan Ismail; Ching Eikenberry, wife of the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan; U.S. Ambassador for Counter-Trafficking Luis CdeBaca; Pamela Darwin, vice president of geoscience for ExxonMobil; U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer; Frances Townsend, former Homeland Security adviser to President George W. Bush; Zambian economist and aid expert Dambisa Moyo; Kathy Bushkin Calvin, CEO of the U.N. Foundation; the Acumen Fund’s Jacqueline Novogratz; Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi; Tostan founder Molly Melching; Daily Beast Pakistan correspondent Fatima Bhutto; Sallie Krawcheck, Bank of America’s president of global wealth and investment management; Dina Habib Powell, Goldman Sachs’ director of global corporate engagement; philanthropist Jill Iscol; and many, many more.

This is beyond name-dropping, this is the Ultimate Power Club pulled off by Tina Brown‘s Daily Beast.

The Women in the World summit closed last Sunday and now the highlights of the events are available on their website.

So run to watch these videos of an extraordinary three-day session in which some of the most powerful women on the planet met to discuss global challenges and propose solutions. Fighting sex trafficking, child marriage, and rape as a weapon of war, these extraordinary women joined forces to raise awareness, make changes and bring effective ideas and solutions that are working for women and girls.

From China’s most most influential under-the-radar women: a banker, a climate policy expert, an incorruptible official, an MTV exec, and an ordinary girl who fought off rapists to French Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde, that recommends to “Never Imitate the Boys!

Merci Christine for the candid & punchy advice!

Can Socks be Sexy?

Don’t try to think about it for even a second. The answer is NO… and that also applies to George, Brad and the rest of the I’m-so-handsome-it-hurts gang.

No, no, no!

But a foot massage, on the other hand, whether offered or received should put you in the right direction. And to avoid that well intended foot massage that unfortunately feels more like torture than pleasure. Get/Give a pair of Sexy Love Socks.

From the ancient art of Chinese reflexology massage, these socks have it all laid out for you (almost anyway) ie which area on the feet can ignite the erogenous zone, boost sex drive and improve sexual performance. It comes with a cute little manuel for the perfect 6 minute massage, the strict minimum if you want it to qualify as foreplay and also for optimum efficiency .

Remember the more you give the more you shall receive…